Dog Love | Services
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In Home and Community Training

It is so important that your dog is trained in a variety of settings to insure he generalizes his new skills. Your dog’s training plan will be customized to his needs. Dog Love starts with priority issues you are having and then incorporates basic obedience. After training is complete, your dog will have reliable on leash obedience with the basic commands. We will practice in your home and in the community.

Distraction Training

If your goal is to take your dog to public places or if your dog is easily distracted when outside, then this program is for you. Your dog will learn on leash reliable obedience around other dogs and we will take numerous trips to add in environmental distractions you would encounter at pet stores, downtown, and parks. If your dog is struggling with specific distractions, those will be incorporated as well.

Socialization Training

It is the objective of Dog Love to build your dog’s confidence through coaching and properly addressing any fears and insecurities. This is where a strong foundation of basic obedience is important to help build trust between you and your dogs and having reliable on leash obedience with basic commands. Through repetition and exposure, your dog will become more confident and secure in all settings.

Basic Commands

Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Come, Heel, Off, Leave It